Unlock: Photography Lab

6 WEEKS // 30 LESSONS // $597

The only photography training that combines powerful personal growth strategies, tools to build an iconic artistic vision and technical photography training that will catapult you into the life you've been dreaming about. No more excuses. You only have one life and I want to help you making it fucking amazing. 

Here's the cold hard truth. 

  • Your photography feels stale - you're shooting the same stuff over and over and it looks like everyone else's. You know you have more in you. 
  • You're paralyzed by self-doubt and you beat yourself up about not being further ahead
  • Those self-sabotaging patterns you've had since you were a kid are affecting your life in big ways now. 
  • You look at other photographers who are killing it and sink deeper into doubt and fear as you boil with jealousy
  • The way you were conditioned by your family, bosses, teachers and friends is completely blocking your growth (trust me)
  • You wake up to an empty inbox every day and crave those emails from people dying to work with you
  • You think a big social media following is the secret to success (so you rapid fire follow as many people as you can and only one bot account follows you back)
  • You have absolutely no idea what your "style" is - you edit every shot slightly different and your portfolio feels inconsistent and off 
  • You used to think you could make a living off of photography but you're ready to throw in the towel. It's all too overwhelming. 
  • You think everyone else must have all the secrets, lots of money, famous friends... and that you couldn't possibly make this work with you are and what you have today.

Stop. This is where you change the trajectory of your life. Right now. In this moment. You have to redefine your future for yourself. Nobody is going to do it for you and your life quite literally depends on it. 

This course is so much more than technical training, because you and I both know that's not the issue here. Anybody can watch videos on Youtube about how to use their camera and edit in Lightroom. So why are some people wildly successful and others never make it? That's the stuff we're going to get to the bottom of in this program. It's the stuff I've based my whole business around and I'm sick of watching other photographers fail. We have to support each other. 


MODULE 1 - Mindsets


Lesson 1 - Developing a clear, unwavering purpose as an artist. What do you stand for? What is your guiding vision?
Lesson 2 - Clearing out all your unhealthy patterns to make way for fresh, positive change
Lesson 3 - Getting the fuck over your fear and doubt so you can see REAL change in your life.
Lesson 4 - Defining what you want from life.
Lesson 5 - Creating a fool proof plan to get you there.