UNLOCK - A Photography COURSE

30 Lessons // 20 hours // $249


This is the only self-study workshop for creative individuals who are ready to develop their signature aesthetic, push through their personal mindset blocks, transform their photography, connect with their audience on a deeper level and unlock the infinite opportunities available through photography. It blends technical photography training with tools to strengthen your artistic vision and get over those limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 


3o Lessons. Over 20 hours of information. I've compiled everything I've learned throughout my personal photography journey as well as the most common areas of struggle my photography mentorship students face. The course content has been curated to provide you with exactly what you need to step up and start reaching your full potential as a photographer - regardless of your current level.

Get access to my communication templates, photoshoot planning guides, steps to creating your signature photo aesthetic, practical tips you can implement right away, as well as insight into my mistakes and how to avoid them. All for $249.

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Module 1 - Mindsets
Intro - How Photography Saved My Life
Lesson 1 - Clearing Out Unhealthy Patterns To Make Way For Positive Change
Lesson 2 - Getting The Fuck Over Your Fear For Real Transformation
Lesson 3 - Exercises + Strategies To Stop Self-Doubt From Stealing Your Life
Lesson 4 - Are You Doomed For Failure Based On This Mindset Trap? 
Lesson 5 - 4 Ways To Make The Most Out Of What You Have

Module 2 - Developing Your Signature Style
Lesson 1 - The Reason Your Photography Is Lacking Depth + How to Fix It
Lesson 2 - Developing A Signature Style That Allows You Stand Out
Lesson 3 - Creating The Images You've Been Dreaming About
Lesson 4 - Raise Your Standards And Attract Better Opportunities
Lesson 5 - Creating Your Personal Artist Framework To Keep You On Track

 Module 3 - What Goes Into An Incredible Image
Lesson 1 - This Is What Your Photos Have Been Missing
Lesson 2 - The Free Locations You Need To Take Advantage Of
Lesson 3 - Working With Models/Styling Your Shoots Without Buying Clothes
Lesson 4 - The Secrets To Creating Real Emotion In Your Images
Lesson 5 - The Mistake 99% Of Photographers Make That Holds Them Back
Lesson 6 - My Photoshoot Planning Framework That You Can Steal

Module 4 - Having A Killer Shoot
Lesson 1 - Shoot Day! How To Get The Most From Your Session
Lesson 2 - The Essential Things I Do Before Each Shoot
Lesson 3 - How To Direct Models Naturally
Lesson 4 - Looking To The Future: Setting Yourself Up For Success

Module 5 - The Things You've Wanted To Ask Me... I've Answered
Question 1 - The Camera and Equipment I Shoot With
Question 2 - The Film I Use And Where I Get It
Question 3 - How I Light My Shoots
Question 4 - How You Can Get More Followers On Instagram
Question 5 - What Apps I Use In My Workflow
Question 6 - What's Your Process Of Shooting/Developing Film?
Question 7 - When You Should Start Charging For Your Photoshoots
Question 8 - How To Book Clients + Reach Out To Brands
Question 9 - Got Another Question? Email And Ask Me Anything

Let's be honest... you know you're ready for more. You're ready to be looked up to as an inspiration to other photographers. You're ready to finally get over that self-doubt and fear that's been holding you back your whole life. You're ready to wake up to an inbox full of people lining up to work with you. You're ready to create images you're proud of and that make you stand out. You want to wake up everyday free to do what you're meant to be doing. 

Sound good?