5 week // self study


The Photography Course You've Been Looking For

This 5-week,18-hour self study photography course is designed to help you clear away personal roadblocks, develop your signature photography aesthetic and start creating the epic images you know you're capable of. Dive into the information, frameworks, discussions and guides wherever you are. At your own pace. 

Through 25 lessons, you'll uncover the mindset issues holding you back, you'll develop your dream aesthetic with a plan to reach it, you'll learn exactly what your photos are missing (with a step by step method to fix it), and you'll learn everything about directing models in a way that creates real emotion. I've also included a bonus lesson where I answer all of the questions I get on a daily basis - everything from working with brands, to booking free locations. 

After 5 weeks, you'll feel transformed. You will finally have a clear vision for your photography and you'll be looked up to as an inspiration. 

I built this program because all other photography training is outdated and stuffy. There's nothing on the market that tackles the challenges new photographers are facing today. 

This is the year you're going to get shit done and start building the life you've been dreaming about. You're ready to stop talking about it and ready to start doing it. No. More. Excuses.

2017 was a shit show. 2018 is where you get focused, get clear on what you want, work hard and push yourself to new levels. 

Is this course for you?

This course is designed for the photographers who are dreamers, do-ers, and creatives who think outside of the box. It's for photographers who know they're capable of great things... but they feel lost. They're stuck shooting the same concepts over and over again, and are struggling to build a signature photography style that stands out. They see all of these other photographers trave

This course is for you if you're a photographer who's filled with passion and who knows they're capable of great things... but you feel lost. This course is for you who see all of these other photographers traveling the world, shooting in exotic locations, working with brands... and all you can think is "that should be me". You've started to lose hope in photography and have come to the conclusion that you  
You're a photographer who's filled with passion and who know you're capable of great things, but you feel lost. You see all of these photographers traveling the world, shooting in epic locations for cool brands, working with stunning models and living the dream... and all you can think is "that should be me".

You're sick of working for someone else, you're done with creating mediocre images and you're ready to make big moves in your life. You know in your heart you're destined for more, but you've been plagued by self doubt, procrastination and distraction. You're finally ready to create your signature photography aesthetic and to learn the secrets of creating stunning images. 

You're in the right place. 

As soon as you sign up, you'll get access to all the content. Go nuts and devour all 18 hours at once, or savour it over the recommended 5 weeks.


Week 1 - Transforming Your Mindset

Lesson 1

The world is changing.

Becoming a successful photographer is anyone's game now. Gone are the days of needing the most expensive equipment and a fancy studio. The world is craving authenticity, emotion, REAL LIFE. People want to feel something - heartbreak, joy, lust, passion.



People are craving authenticity, emotion, REAL LIFE. They want to feel something from an image - heartbreak, joy, lust, wonder, passion. People are sick of looking at perfectly retouched faces against a studio backdrop. In a digitally saturated age, the photographers who can capture real emotion are the ones on top - regardless of the camera they use, their age, how long they've been shooting. People don't care about these things. They gravitate towards (and hire) photographers who can make people feel something through their work. It all boils down to showing emotion and telling an authentic story. 


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