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I'm a film photographer based in Vancouver, BC.

I'm passionate about creating natural photos that are full of life and nostalgia. Images that make people feel something.  I help labels and individuals capture the essence of their vision and tie their brand together. 

I've always known I was meant to do something different with my life, but I fell into the trap a lot of people fall into. I graduated from university, landed a stable accounting job, found a nice apartment and was trapped by all of my possessions. I had everything I'd worked towards my entire life, but I felt empty inside.

All I wanted was to be free. 

I left my accounting career to pursue of life of freedom and creativity. I knew there had to be more to life that all my time working on someone else's dream. My boyfriend and I bought an old school bus that we fixed up and turned  into a loft on wheels, then we set out on a 10,000 mile journey across the American desert together, in search of what life had in store for us.  We slept under the desert stars and drank coffee on the roof of our bus as the sun came up. We went days without seeing another soul and also met the most incredible humans. We ran with wild horses and photographed for our favourite brands and magazines.

We found the true meaning of living a life of ultimate freedom. 

Everyone deserves to feel this.

I've dedicated a large part of my life to helping other creatives transform their passion into a business because life's too short to do anything else. I've blended my business background with my artistic drive to create a powerful mentorship program for photographers and artists who are ready to do this full time. Yes, I was terrified to leave my accounting job and my steady paycheck, but it was more terrifying to think of what my life would be like if I didn't leave. Since making the ultimate decision, my life has transformed in unimaginable ways. I wake up every day free to do as I please, I have more financial abundance than I ever had as an accountant, and the opportunities that come your way when you dedicate your life to doing something you love are like nothing else. I want this for you too. Are you ready?

I look forward to working with you - on a photography project or as a mentor.


Watch for our photography + poetry book being released this summer. 

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