The Art Of Film Photography

Why do I shoot with Film? I believe in the magic of analog - vinyl records, Hard Cover Books, Old Cars and Film Photography.

There is a magic in film photography - a palpable emotional quality that digital images just can't touch. Film photography is the breath of fresh air that captures the realness and connection we're all seeking in this digital world. Perfection is boring. In a digital age where everyone snaps images with their iPhone, people are desensitized to clean, digitally edited images, but rather crave authentic, real moments. There's something incredible in having a limited number of shots and being intentional about capturing real, passionate fleeting moments. With film photography, the whole environment that you’re in affects the image. The temperature of the room, the dust on your fingers, everything adds to the image. You’re truly capturing a moment. It’s tangible. It’s real. And people can feel it. 


My process

Before the photoshoot, I want to get to know the real you - what you're passionate about, your wildest dreams, biggest inspirations. From there, we can design a photoshoot concept that speaks to your authentic self and yields images that help you move forward in life and business. 

The pace of the photoshoot is relaxed, natural and intentional. You'll feel completely comfortable, like we're two old pals catching up. I'll give guidance and also let you do your thing. 

After the shoot, I develop the film and scan the negative strips which transform the images into a digital format that can be used for your website, social media etc. My process of developing and hand scanning the film gives my images a certain authentic, emotional quality that can't be duplicated anywhere else. 

Film vs digital photography

If you have a true appreciation for art, you're already a film lover. Here are a few more reasons why your next photoshoot needs to be on film:

  • Emotional connection: Your audience will feel the difference in the image. Think of how you feel when you see an old polaroid vs a clean digital image.
  • More Images: A film photoshoot can actually produce many more usable images than a digital photoshoot. Every shot I take is intended to be unique and a keeper!
  • Quicker Turnaround Time: Once the film is developed and the images are scanned, you get them back (usually within a few days)! Waiting on digital shots to be processed in Photoshop can take up to a few months. 
  • Flawless Finish: Film photography has been around long before the days of Photoshop and digital editing. The specific film I use is designed to produce flawless skin tones and hide imperfections, naturally. 

Photography is more to me than just meeting up with a person for an hour and pressing the trigger - it's about taking the time to form a true friendship with my the person I'm photographing and to support them in capturing their vision for life or business. Are you ready?