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For my whole life, I was conditioned to think that the only way to be successful was to get the best grades in school, attend a top university, land a high paying job, get married, have kids, buy a nice house, drive an expensive vehicle, etc. And I was on the road to having all of that. 

One day, after years spent achieving "success" but feeling emptier than ever, I woke up and realized that the world is changing. We don't have to work ourselves into the ground for someone else's dream anymore. It's time to go for what YOU want. No excuses. 

So... I quit my job and started to get clear on what it was that I wanted from this life. 

With 6 years of accounting and business experience behind me, coupled with a passion for helping Canadian artists earn a living from their work and experience navigating the creative entrepreneur world myself, I've created a coaching program to help struggling artists turn their passion into a business and become financially free so they can do the work they were born to do instead of burning themselves out on someone else's passion.

If you're a Canadian with an artistic passion and you're ready for the next step, I'd love to help you:

  • create a business from your unique skill that is in line with your lifestyle goals and values
  • get clear on what sets you apart from your competition and how to communicate that to clients
  • developing an ideal client profile and developing communication templates that get you that first meeting
  • provide bookkeeping and Canadian tax solutions (GST/HST, Income Taxes)
  • develop a killer portfolio
  • set up passive income streams so you can earn in your sleep
  • develop a branding and content roadmap to keep you focused and in line with your vision
  • ... and so much more. 

Every artist is unique, therefore every session will tailored specifically to your goals and challenges.  

The time is now. You're ready for this. 


3 hour session - $400

  • we'll get clear on your challenges, vision and offerings as an artist and how to monetize these
  • we'll create a plan to help you understand the basics of business (bookkeeping, filing Canadian taxes etc)
  • we'll develop a personalized roadmap to success that you'll be able to refer back to well into the future

Full day session - $750

  • everything in the 3 hour session 
  • website overhaul - is your copy speaking to your ideal customer?
  • creating passive income streams to earn more and build credibility
  • social media strategy to build your following and gain business

Ongoing mentorship - email me at carlydame@gmail.com to discuss